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Ken Crowther Is celebrating his 40th anniversary

Ken Crowther, a World Radio Gardening host, is commemorating 40 years of providing gardening guidance and recommendations.

Ken Crowther began delivering gardening ideas and guidance to the public in 1986 and has since continued to broadcast for BBC Local Radio and his website,

He started the website in 2010, and it was just revamped for the anniversary. Ken Crowther hoped to make his dream of a streamed 24/7 radio station focused on gardeners all over the world a reality. Ken and the other presenters have visited gardens and nurseries all around the UK and Europe since the show’s inception 13 years ago.

Regular contributors from Australia and Canada contribute reports, and the website has grown into tool reviews and product testing. Ken Crowther established his professional landscaping company in 1966.

Ken Crowther stated that one of the highlights of World Radio has been receiving all of the gardening queries and emails from the general public seeking help and recommendations. It is an honor for me to be able to share my knowledge and abilities gained from a lifetime of working in professional horticulture.

Gardening is more than a job for me; I like it! Who would have guessed that over four decades later, I’d still be able to offer my father’s good advice and say the best wide beans to plant are aqua dulce varieties?

In these tough times, when gardening has become such a vital part of life, easing stress and strains that affect people’s mental health, Ken Crowther believes it is critical to have this type of knowledge available on the internet.

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